Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons
Top 10 Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the best-selling personal finance books of all time. Thanks to its ability to teach the secrets of wealth creation through an engaging narrative read. The book tells the story of a young Robert Kiyosaki’s financial lessons as he grew up with the contrast between his own father, who…

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Trading Habits of New Traders, Trading Mentality Of A New Trader, Never Give Up Trading
The 6 Most Expensive Trading Habits of New Traders

Expensive trading habits can result in big losses. Here are the 6 Most Expensive Trading Habits of New Traders: 1.Trading with no stop losses. You can’t control your profits, but you can control and limit your losses with a well-planned exit. When a trend turns against you and you start hoping instead of cutting your…

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The golden rules of investing, Financially Fit
The golden rules of investing

Investing is an important part of building wealth when it comes to money management. What is the issue? It can be difficult to get started, and it can be difficult to keep going. Following a few simple golden investing rules can help you stay on track. Get started right away. The key to accumulating wealth…

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When you are new to investing but didn’t know where to begin, you’ve probably wondered about anything from which types of stocks to buy to how much money to invest to who to ask to help you along the way. Dos and don’ts of Investing is very important for beginners. Investing does not have to…

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Trading For a Living
12 Realities of Trading For a Living

Trading for a living, like any other job or business, is a professional way to make money. Full-time trading, like any other business, requires a significant quantity of capital. The returns are similar to that of a commission-based salesperson. It’s less about trading from a laptop on the beach with a high-end automobile in the…

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Trending Markets
What are Trending Markets

Trending markets are ones that proceed in one primary direction over a sustained duration of time. Signals for an Uptrend market In Market Trends : In uptrend market Charts make higher highs and higher lows. The price is increasing above moving average in the time period. Price stay around all-time 52-week highs or highs. The candlesticks on…

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Rules For A Breakout
Rules For A Breakout Trading Strategy

Before understanding rules for a breakout we have to understand what is breakout. What are Breakouts? A breakout is a term in technical analysis that refers to a price move that breaks through a certain level of resistance and keeps going up until the next level of resistance is set up. Breakouts are usually accompanied…

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To Find a Stock
Top 10 Things To Find a Stock

In the stock market, There are only a few stocks that make up the most of long-term stock market gains. You may hold a lot of alpha by being in the correct names during their uptrends. This post will help you see the things To Find a Stock Here are the 10 factors To Find…

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stock market chart patterns
Why Are Stock Chart Patterns So Important?

There are a lot of different stock chart patterns that play a big role in technical analysis. They can be very useful for all traders. This will help you make money when stocks break out or turn around. A list of stock chart patterns you need to know about is here. It’s very important to…

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How To Use Moving Averages
How To Use Moving Averages

A simple moving average is a technical indicator. It helps us to find out trading signals and price trends. In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why moving average is best. Firstly it most used indicator. secondly, it is easy to learn. However, moving average is easy to understand but practice makes…

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