Brokerage accounts vs IRA
Brokerage accounts vs IRAs

Brokerage accounts vs IRA which one is better? A brokerage account is a taxed account that allows you to buy and sell various sorts of investments with no contribution limits and no penalties for selling your investments. An IRA, on the other hand, is not the same as a brokerage account. It’s utilized for tax-free…

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Proven Tips Why Trading with No Regrets? Things Traders Need to Quit
Top Profitable Chart Patterns

If you want to make money, Bullish flags that are strong and tight and breakout to the upside are best. Complex head and shoulders top chart patterns that break down are also Profitable. These choices are based on a lot of study and backtesting price action on charts. These Top Profitable Chart Patterns Are: Bull flag…

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Most Important Trading Tools
Most Important Trading Tools

There are many different types of trading tools that helps you become a better trader. Most Important Trading Tools are: Back testing tool lets you see what kind of price action trading signals were profitable in the past. It helps you figure out what worked best. An entry signal tool that tells you when to…

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Trading Strategies That Lose Money, 7 Reasons Why New Traders Loss
7 Reasons Why New Traders Loss

Here Are Top 7 Reasons Why New Traders Loss Some traders couldn’t handle the money they lost the money while trading. Others didn’t manage their risk and lost a lot of money. They had to stop trading because they couldn’t afford to keep going. Even though they lost a lot of money, they could not…

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Trade With the Flow
Trade With the Flow, Not With Opinions

Starting as a new trader everyone faces a question that should we trade with the flow or opinions? The biggest mistake that new traders make is they think that making the right predictions is the only way to make money. This is not true. The best way to be a good trader is to use…

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Ways To Keep The Trading Stress Away
11 Ways To Keep The Trading Stress Away

These 11 Ways To Keep The Trading Stress Away will help you to fight against your fear, greed, emotions and ego. You should never trade positions that make you more stressed out than they already are. It’s best to stay in your comfort zone. Keep in mind that one bad trade doesn’t make you a…

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How To Escape From The Downtrend?, Global Stock Markets Crash
How To Escape From The Downtrend?

Following Points Can Help To Escape From The Downtrend an Be A Successful Trader. If you are a trader, you should never lose more than 1% of your total trading capital in any one trade because of position sizing and stop losses. You don’t have to fight a down trend: only take high-risk, high-reward trades.…

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danger signs in trade, Things A Trader Needs to Avoid, Reasons Most Of Traders Never Make Money
12 Reasons Most Of Traders Never Make Money

12 Reasons Most Of Traders Never Make Money: They think trading is a way to make money quickly and without any work. To get rich, instead of learning how to trade, they focus on getting rich. After a long string of losing trades, they don’t understand how the risk of ruin works in terms of…

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Novice to Pro Trader. How To Get Success In Stock Market, Ten Easy Ways To Make Trades Better
10 Easy Ways To Make Trades Better

Becoming everyday best is core motive for every trader. Here are ten easy ways to make trades better: People should trade quantified high probability entry signals with good risk/reward skewed in their favour, not their emotions or opinions. This is important.To start a trade, decide where you will stop out of it when it goes…

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Ways to Trade Against Uncertainties
How to Trade Against Uncertainties

It’s important to be uncomfortable if we want to be great traders. It is also important to find ways to trade against uncertainties. To accept that no one has a time machine or a crystal ball means we can’t know what the future will be. We can only take our chances and manage the risk…

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