danger signs in trade, Things A Trader Needs to Avoid, Reasons Most Of Traders Never Make Money
10 Things A Trader Needs to Avoid If He Want to Make Money

With all of the experience and understanding, books, chart patterns and indicators that we are adding to our trading toolbox, it’s easy to forget what we need to get rid of from our trading routine. We don’t think about the things things a Trader Needs to Avoid when we’re adding new things to our toolbox.…

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Increase Success Rate In Trading,Pre-Market and After-Hours Trading, What Trading is Really All About, Top 10 Edges for Traders
What Trading is Really All About

The majority of people believe they are playing against the market, but the market is unconcerned. You’re essentially competing with yourself. We don’t lose to the markets, we lose to ourselves. Our ability to follow price action with discipline while managing risk is what makes us successful. In the short term, price action and certain…

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Investment Strategies,Lessons That Give Traders An Edge
The Five Key Lessons That Give Traders An Edge

In this article the five key lessons That give Traders an edge are given. Learning to trade is a process that everyone goes through. Traders who believe they are exempt from the trading education process usually discover the hard way that they have mistaken bull markets for genius or market conditions for skills. In the…

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