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Best Stock Screeners -2021

Individual investors should take advice from the professionals while selecting stocks. These professionals have the tools, experience and a deep bench of analysts to help them to select stocks and sort through large amount of data. If you don’t have deep knowledge, it may be a good idea to use Best Stock Screeners.

There are 1000+ of stocks are listed in the U.S. and there are 10000+ of thousands worldwide. A best stock screener can go through each and inform you which one is best and meet your criteria for your investments. Practice makes man perfect. Finding and utilizing the best investment opportunities based on a stock screener. Here are our top picks.

Investing in stocks in 2021: the best Stock screeners

  • TC2000 is the best overall
  • ZACKS (NASDAQ) is the best free option
  • Trade Ideas for Day Trading
  • FINVIZ is best for swing traders
  • Trading View: Investing in the global market

TC 2000

We think the TC2000 stock screening package is the best overall stock screener since it has been refined for more than 25+ years and is among the most robust and powerful you will find.



  • Screening criteria covering a variety of fundamental and technical aspects
  • Improvements and refinements for nearly three decades
  • Easy to use
  • Options and ETFs screening
  • Chart drawing tools and interactive charts
  • Provides services only to U.S. and Canadian stock exchanges


Zacks Investment Research offers an extensive stock screener solution with high functionality and many metrics. With Zacks’ free option, users can filter stocks in a thorough and informed manner, making it our top pick.


  • Free stock screener with lots of features
  • More than a hundred key metrics
  • Database with a large number of stocks
  • A wide range of EPS metrics
  • Paid plan with low price

Limited technical screening

Trade Ideas

Trading Ideas makes our list the best stock screener for day trading with its lightning-fast platform and AI-driven features for screening hundreds of criteria.


  • AI-based stock screener
  • Hundreds of filters
  • Integration of brokerages
  • Easily customize the screen
  • Traders can trade live


Does not work with stock exchanges outside the US and Canada


As such, FINVIZ is our top pick for stock screeners for swing trading, including a wide range of fundamental and technical criteria as well as real-time quotes, charts, backtesting, and pre-market data.



  • Screening with a highly visual approach
  • User-friendly
  • Screening criteria based on good fundamentals and technical knowledge
  • Stocks available in global markets
  • There is a free version that is sufficient for many swing traders

Compared to other solutions on the market, this screener employs fewer fundamental indicators.
Stocks can only be tracked on one exchange at a time


TradingView compares favorably to any of the stock screeners on this list, but it stands out for the breadth of assets it covers, which includes international equities and funds from around the world. As a result, we recommend TradingView as the best stock screener for international investment.


Excellent choice of fundamental screening tools

Detailed charting capabilities

Global stocks to choose from

Trading platform with interactive trading

30 day trial for free


Lesson historical data compared to others

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