Different Types of Wealth

Different Types of Wealth

People can have six different types of wealth in their lives.

  1. Wealth is measured by how much money and things you own.
  2. Wealth comes from having a lot of success and fame, which gives you a lot of power.
  3. In good health, we can find the wealth.
  4. Wealth comes in time, so you can make your day your own.
  5. Peace of mind comes from wealth in your heart.
  6. People with a lot of money have a lot of good friends.

You can be unhappy even if you are good at five of the above.

  1. It is hard to live a happy life in poverty.
  2. Status and power aren’t very important if you don’t have the other five things.
  3. When you lose your health, you can’t enjoy anything else.
  4. You are a servant to whatever is in charge of your time.
  5. People who aren’t happy can’t enjoy the other five things as much.
  6. If you don’t have love, your loneliness can make the other five people feel empty as well.

Make sure you don’t give up any of your main sources of wealth for the rest. Your goal should be to live a balanced life where you are rich in all six areas. If you are poor in one, you can still feel poor even if you have some of the other things. These Different Types of Wealth are very important.

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