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12 Reasons Most Of Traders Never Make Money

12 Reasons Most Of Traders Never Make Money:

  1. They think trading is a way to make money quickly and without any work.
  2. To get rich, instead of learning how to trade, they focus on getting rich.
  3. After a long string of losing trades, they don’t understand how the risk of ruin works in terms of math.
  4. Blindly following a guru who leads them down a path that will lead them to death.
  5. They don’t have a plan for how to trade.
  6. They try to ride along with another trader, but they don’t know how to deal with the risks.
  7. Most new traders give up when they realize there is lots of work is needed to trade well.
  8. Most traders give up when they learn how many bad trades they will have to make before they get to the good ones.
  9. They stop trading if they do not like trading itself.
  10. Many new traders will give up when they learn that trading doesn’t always make you money.
  11. They don’t want to pay for the tuition to learn how to trade, study, and lose money.
  12. People who start trading lose a lot of money when they find out that it’s more difficult than their jobs.

These 12 are common reasons most of traders never make money. The traders who didn’t make it gave up when they were tired, frustrated, and stressed out make the money.

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