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Is Tiktok Stock Publicly Traded?

The Tiktok Stock Is Public?

TikTok stock is for now in private equity. ByteDance Limited holds most of the shares. It is a private Chinese company in its start-up phase. Tiktok stock is not openly trading on an exchange. Therefore, there is no way to buy TikTok shares from the share market.

Neither TikTok nor its parent company ByteDance Limited is publicly trading. ByteDance purposes of launching a TikTok Global public offering in the United States. The date for the IPO has been told yet. The currently planned fundraising rounds would leave ByteDance with an 80% holding of Tik-Tok Global stock before IPO.

Fundamentals of Tiktok Stock

Stock analysts estimate TikTok international value at a minimum of $60+ billion. TikTok Global may be the U.S. company created to own and operate TikTok’s business operations in Australia, North America, and a few other countries. ByteDance will own the remaining TikTok operation, including China. ByteDance currently has no fixed date to go IPO in 2021.

Current Holdings of Tiktok Company

The current government-contracted agreement is for Walmart & Oracle to hold 20+ % in this company, which could provide stock investors a way to gain portfolio exposure to Tik-Tok by owning ORCLand WMT shares. Oracle would own a 12.5 % share of TikTok Global, and Walmart would own a 7.5 % share under the current plan. However, this acquisition will be an indirect investment in TikTok and be a tiny fraction of those company stocks. The Company would have to grow exponentially to impact their big-cap stock values prediction as the companies are already some of the most important in the world.


TikTok is currently the biggest and fastest-growing social media app. If its stock gets public in the future, it may be a great stock to the U.S. stock market.

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Tiktok Stock Publicly Traded?

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