Disciplined Trader Emotional Trader

Disciplined Trader Vs Emotional Trader Which are you?

What is a trading mindset? Being a trader isn’t just about coming up with better strategies and doing more research. It’s also about having a winning mindset. According to a lot of studies of traders, what separates a winner from a loser:

  • It’s not that successful traders come up with better trading strategies.
  • It’s not that the best traders are smarter.
  • In fact, it isn’t that the best traders do better market analysis.

What makes a good trader and a bad trader different is how they think about things. Comparison between Disciplined Trader and Emotional Trader is given below:

NoDisciplined TradersEmotional Traders
1Trade a defined trading plan.Trade based on emotions.
2Manage risk.The more confident they are the bigger the trade.
3Exit a trade when wrong.Hold a losing trade to prove they are right.
4Exit based on predetermined stop.Exit due to fear.
5Enter based on a set up.Enter based on greed.
6Do the homework.Believe they are special.
7Trade based on price action.Trade based on their opinions.
8Only want to make money.Want to prove something to some one.
9Trade with focus and calm.Trade with stress and strong emotions,
10Lose and move on to the next trade.Blame someone after a losing trade.
11No one trade means much. Over celebrate wins and get depressed over losses.
12Have a steady state of mind.Have huge swings in moods.
Disciplined Trader Vs Emotional Trader

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