Trading Resolutions for 2022

My 10 Trading Resolutions for 2022

My Trading Resolutions for 2022:

  1. I will only take the best trade set ups in 2022.I will throw away the average and poor ones. I want each trade to have a good risk to reward ratio.
    Based on the worst-case scenario for volatility and range expansion, I will decide how big I should be in each stock.
  2. Option contracts will be used more often in my trades when their volume allows. This way, I can keep my risk down to the size of the option contract instead of using so much money to trade stocks.
  3. I will only make two trades at a time so that I don’t have too much risk.
  4. Also, I will try to keep my losses and drawdowns to a minimum in 2015 so that I can make the most money possible.
  5. I will be looking to structure trades to make more money each month by mostly trading stock indexes.
  6. In 2022, I will try to understand the emotions that come up during my trades and I will only focus on the current price action.
  7. I won’t be in a hurry to make trades. Will wait for trades to come.
  8. I will go with the flow and price action of the markets, and I won’t have a strong bias or use options. Signals will be my guide, and they will show me the right way.

Double the amount of time and effort I put into backtests and chart pattern studies of historical charts I will put in.

I will stick to my Trading Resolutions for 2022.

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