How To Take Control Of Your Trading

If a trade is profitable or not, I have no control over it. I enter orders as part of my job. No more, no less! Take Control Of Your Trading In my own trading experience as a swing trader, I take away two main ideas from this quote: Focus on all the aspects of trading…

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Buy The Rumour Sell The News

Rumour Buy Or Sell News In Trading You might think it’s risky to buy something based on rumours and then sell it when new information comes out. But if you do it in the right way, it can be a smart move. People in most markets, especially financial markets, say, “Buy the rumour, sell the…

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Don't be a gambler be a trader
Don’t be a gambler, be a trader

The successful trader behaves more like a business person so please try Don’t be a gambler be a trader. Their goal is to control risk, manage inventory, follow trends, look for patterns in their customers’ buying and selling, and make money, not excitement, like any business. The market has one big difference between winners and…

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25 Rules For New Traders
Best Stock Screeners -2021

Individual investors should take advice from the professionals while selecting stocks. These professionals have the tools, experience and a deep bench of analysts to help them to select stocks and sort through large amount of data. If you don’t have deep knowledge, it may be a good idea to use Best Stock Screeners. There are…

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Top 9 Day Trading Myths

There are too many misconceptions in Trading. Here are the Top 10 Day Trading Myths. we should be aware of these day trading myths. Top 9 Day Trading Myths: 1.Gambling And Trading Are the Same. This is the very first thing I heard from family, friends when I told them I am a trader. The…

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How to have a winning edge in trading
How to have a winning edge in trading

Want to find a winning edge in trading? What is your edge, and how to create one? Winning Edge In Trading Firstly we have to find a method that can generate positive results. A system that is developed as per you and your style of trading is more important rater than the winning percentage. Example…

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Qualitative Vs Quantitative Trading

Qualitative vs Quantitative Trading looks like the same but are different parts of a coin. In technical analysis, qualitative trading helps us to understand the reasons, why the stock market trend is bearish or bullish and also It helps to determine its quality. The quantitative trading method is 100% based on values and parameters. Qualitative…

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Fundamental and technical Analysis
Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamental and Technical Analysis are two faces of a coin. Fundamental analysis is a method of finding the value of the company by finding its intrinsic value. Most company’s stocks are valued for the business’s value. It includes assets under business management, growth potential, cash flow, intellectual property. It also includes anything that can add…

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What Is Diversification?

Diversification in investing and trading is very important. In Diversification, we buying positions with capital that is not fully correlated with price movements during different market conditions. You can diversify your portfolio by investing in a variety of assets, such as equities, but in stocks from a variety of sectors or countries. The most important…

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stop loss
How to Set a Stop Loss on a trade

How to Set a Stop Loss-A Stop-loss is a price level on a chart. A trader will accept the mistake and exit for a minor loss after a trade entry.If the trade is right, a stop loss will place at the level where the price should not go. they lose too much money when a…

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