Different Types of Traders, Things Each Trader Has To Accept, Things A Trader Needs to START DOING,Key Points From The Market Wizards
Different Types of Traders

In the financial markets, there are several different types of traders. They trade in a variety of markets and time frames. How many Different Types of Traders in Market Different types of traders usually trade in different markets. Here is a list of different types of traders. Day traders: Day traders trade during typical market…

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Common Mistakes New Traders Do
12 Common Mistakes New Traders Do

There are a few common mistakes that most traders do. New traders start trading without thoroughly researching what works and what doesn’t. Many of these concepts will be familiar to all new traders. To break these bad habits, some of us had to fight our natural instincts. A List of Common Mistakes New Traders Do…

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Focus on the Trading
Don’t Focus on the Money, Focus on the Trading

While starting a career in trading the money should be the last outcome in our focus. Focusing on the outcome when carrying out your trading strategy can lead to big losses. It really makes achieving the desired goal considerably more difficult. We should focus on the trading strategy first. Why To Focus on Trading Rather…

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Increase Success Rate In Trading,Pre-Market and After-Hours Trading, What Trading is Really All About, Top 10 Edges for Traders
How To Increase Success Rate In Trading

80% to 90% of traders losing money regularly over time. The majority of new traders failing to make it through the first year. There are many survival strategies would assist you to remain in the markets this time next year. Increase Success Rate In Trading is very important as a new trader. There are lot…

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why rich trader win, Forever Stocks,How Many Successful Day Traders Are There
How to Find and Buy Your ‘Forever Stocks’

It’s too early to start investing in stocks that you can hold through good and bad times. Consider these investments to be your core holdings. Consider these Forever Stocks to be your “Elite 10” or “Top 20” — or whatever number you choose. These stocks should account for approximately 25% to 35% of your total…

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Confident In Trading
How To Be Confident In Trading

Any profitable trade experience begins with self-confidence. Without a healthy dose of confidence on your side, you won’t be able to handle this risky endeavor. You will have to fight yourself, your fear, and the market if you want to be successful in trading. We can be Confident In Trading with learning and experience. How…

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What is Leverage in Trading
What is Leverage in Trading?

When taken literally, leverage in trading means gaining an advantage in an endeavor through assistance. Using as a verb, leverage means to gain an advantage with the help of a tool such as a lever. A lever allows you to move a heavy object that you couldn’t lift with your own strength. Leverage allows you…

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons
Top 10 Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the best-selling personal finance books of all time. Thanks to its ability to teach the secrets of wealth creation through an engaging narrative read. The book tells the story of a young Robert Kiyosaki’s financial lessons as he grew up with the contrast between his own father, who…

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9 Things For Traders To Look For On Social Media
9 Things For Traders To Look For On Social Media

As a beginner, you may lose money by following so called traders on social media. Which Traders To Look For On Social Media then? We should be very careful while choosing a pro and experienced trader. Here are some points to find in your trader on social media:’ You should look for real traders who…

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Lose Money During a Bull Market
9 Ways to Lose Money During a Bull Market

While starting a career in trading, new traders may lose money during a bull market. Here are some points need to be considered: In a bull market, be a bear. Continue to short a bull market and lose money during a bull market. Wait for a significant pullback, which will never come as the market…

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