Fundamental and technical Analysis
Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamental and Technical Analysis are two faces of a coin. Fundamental analysis is a method of finding the value of the company by finding its intrinsic value. Most company’s stocks are valued for the business’s value. It includes assets under business management, growth potential, cash flow, intellectual property. It also includes anything that can add…

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What Is Diversification?

Diversification in investing and trading is very important. In Diversification, we buying positions with capital that is not fully correlated with price movements during different market conditions. You can diversify your portfolio by investing in a variety of assets, such as equities, but in stocks from a variety of sectors or countries. The most important…

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stop loss
How to Set a Stop Loss on a trade

How to Set a Stop Loss-A Stop-loss is a price level on a chart. A trader will accept the mistake and exit for a minor loss after a trade entry.If the trade is right, a stop loss will place at the level where the price should not go. they lose too much money when a…

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difference between retail and institutional investors
Difference Retail VS Institutional Investors

All of us, whether we work for big or small businesses, want to buy and sell at a good price. There is a big difference between the two types of investors when it comes to the amount of research they can do. If you know the difference between institutional and retail investors, you can figure…

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abundance bank banking banknotes, Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset
The World’s Top Great Investors

The world’s top Great Investors are the pillar of the economic world. They all have made a long story of their success and they helped millions of new investors with similar returns. Great investors earned a lot of money by staying with their good investment strategies. Their strategies weren’t very difficult or complicated one. They…

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Benefit of trading
The benefit of trading end-of-day, not intraday

Benefit Of Trading End Of Day -We receive emails from traders asking how they can trade on the market with their busy schedules, or that they are too young to spend all day watching the markets. As a result, my response is usually something along the lines of: “Well, if you learn end-of-day Forex strategies,…

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Tips for Altcoin Trading: Get More Coins Per Purchase

Why we use Altcoin Trading? Altcoin Trading is important because Bitcoin is usually the coin that new traders purchase because they are familiar with it. Buying Bitcoin can be challenging because moving Bitcoin between wallets can prove extremely expensive when there are many transactions on the network. Transactions can also take a long time. Example…

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Swing Trading Strategy Using Price Action

It is subjective to determine what is “best.” Swing Trading Strategy is most useful statergy for swing traders. The reason I like this swing trading strategy so much is that it allows me to take advantage of some explosive stock trades. Many stocks tend to display a common pattern of price movement before they rally…

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When You Don’t Get Success At First

When you don’t get success at first You lose hope in trading and try to quit. We have some tips for new trader When you don’t get success at first. Don’t give up. Try again. You shouldn’t get discouraged when you consistently lose money or lose equity in the course of your business. This is…

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Things To Control As A Trader, Things Traders Can Do Instead of Losing Money, Day Trading Strategies
10 Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

The power of knowledge for Day Trading Strategies Day traders must keep up on the latest stock market news and economic news affecting stocks in addition to understanding basic trading procedures. Day Trading Strategies will help you to stay top of the trading. Make sure you do your homework. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the selected…

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