Investment Strategies,Lessons That Give Traders An Edge
The Five Key Lessons That Give Traders An Edge

In this article the five key lessons That give Traders an edge are given. Learning to trade is a process that everyone goes through. Traders who believe they are exempt from the trading education process usually discover the hard way that they have mistaken bull markets for genius or market conditions for skills. In the…

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Ways To Get Trading Profits
10 Ways To Get Trading Profits Flowing in Your Direction

Trillions of dollars pass from trader to trader and market to market every day. Many traders are content to simply dip their bucket in and take a share each day. However, where does the money go? How can we find Ways To Get Trading Profits? Every day, options lose their time value, option sellers blow…

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Things I wish I knew Before I Started Trading
10 Things I wish I knew Before I Started Trading

Some days I wish, I could go back 10 years and teach things myself I wish I knew Before I Started Trading I’ve learned the hard way in the markets.. I was fortunate to make money early on thanks to the earlier bull market; I only wish I had known how to keep all of…

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Journey Of A Trader, Are You Ready To Make A Trade
30 Steps In Journey Of A Trader

The journey of a trader from new trader to wealthy trader is broken down into 30 steps. We buy books, take video courses, maybe go to live seminars, and study what actually works in trading. With the new knowledge we have, we start to trading. We make some money money, but also lose it back…

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Things Traders Must Manage For Success, Points For Building a Trading Plan
The Top 10 Things Traders Must Manage For Success

The following is a list of Things Traders Must Manage For Success. Traders must have excellent risk management skills. Traders must deal with their own stress. Make sure you don’t trade too big to keep your stress level down. If you can’t talk calmly to someone while you trade, you’re trading too big! Traders need…

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Things that Ruin a Trading System
10 Things that Ruin a Trading System

If you find a good trading system, you may not know that even if you make some important mistakes, you can still make the system lose money. Once you have a system that seems to be strong based on previous data, stock charts, or back testing, be careful not to make these mistakes: In the…

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Disciplined Trader Emotional Trader
Disciplined Trader Vs Emotional Trader Which are you?

What is a trading mindset? Being a trader isn’t just about coming up with better strategies and doing more research. It’s also about having a winning mindset. According to a lot of studies of traders, what separates a winner from a loser: It’s not that successful traders come up with better trading strategies. It’s not…

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Trading Resolutions for 2022
My 10 Trading Resolutions for 2022

My Trading Resolutions for 2022: I will only take the best trade set ups in 2022.I will throw away the average and poor ones. I want each trade to have a good risk to reward ratio.Based on the worst-case scenario for volatility and range expansion, I will decide how big I should be in each…

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Good Trader Vs Bad Trader
Good Trader Vs Bad Trader Top 17 Differences

Good Trader Vs Bad Trader? How can we manage the mind, ego, and emotions in order to make good trades. We can get a good trade with full confidence and adheres to your trading strategy. Personal opinion lead to a bad trade. A good trade is one in which the entry and position sizes are…

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Novice to Pro Trader. How To Get Success In Stock Market, Ten Easy Ways To Make Trades Better
10 Steps To Be A Novice to Pro Trader

Here are the ten steps that indicate you’ve progressed from novice to pro trader: You take your stop losses with little stress or emotional stress. Also this indicates that you are using the appropriate position size and are willing to accept losses as part of the process. You’ve stopped trading at random and are only…

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