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Tesla joins the elite $1 trillion stock club

The value of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) surpassed $1 trillion on Monday. It resulted in a double win for Chief Executive Elon Musk. Elon Must has become the richest man in the world thus World’s Richest Person Elon Musk is now $288.6 billion Monday The stock is continuing to rise on news that Tesla has received…

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Things To Control As A Trader, Things Traders Can Do Instead of Losing Money, Day Trading Strategies
12 Things To Control As A Trader

Regardless of how confident a trader is in their ability to forecast the future, how strong their conviction, or how much they believe. No individual trader or investor can control the outcome of a market move unless they have sufficient capital to move the market themselves. Traders face a unique frustration found in a few…

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Investment Strategies,Lessons That Give Traders An Edge
Investment Strategies To Learn Before Trading

Adaptability is a key feature of investment strategies and the strategy you choose does not fit your risk-taking capacity, you can easily change it. It can, however, be costly. A fee is applied to each purchase and Selling assets can result in a significant capital gain. These profits are taxable, which is why they are…

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why rich trader win, Forever Stocks,How Many Successful Day Traders Are There
10 Reasons Why Rich Traders Win

There are some absolute laws that most wealthy traders follow. Rich traders don’t risk all of their money on one trade. Instead, they only risk 1% to 2% of their trading capital on each trade. Rich traders don’t try to prove that they are right about a trade. They follow the market’s moves after they…

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Investment Rules For A Successful Investor. Trading Plan To Be A Great Trader
20 Investment Rules For A Successful Investor

20 Investment rules for a successful investor. We looked at what common factors existed before these big winners had big gains and how they changed when the stocks reached their peaks. As a result, these rules demonstrate how the market actually operates. You are arguing with how the market has behaved for over 100 years…

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Get In and Out of a Trade, Buy Vs Sell Side
How to Get In and Out of a Trade?

New Trader’s Phycology Get In and Out of a Trade within time is very important. Every new trader is obsessed with Entries Hot stocks? What to buy? Which stocks are likely to double in stock? How long do they want to hold their stock? Exit from trades is a subject that many new traders overlook.…

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The golden rules of investing, Financially Fit
Will You Pass Out Financially Fit Test

Here are 15 questions that can evaluate how financially fit you are in your financial health. 15 Financially Fit Test Questions You can pay off your credit card debt any time you want to or have zero credit card debt. You’ve got 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses set aside in case of an…

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Trading Habits of New Traders, Trading Mentality Of A New Trader, Never Give Up Trading
The 6 Most Expensive Trading Habits of New Traders

Expensive trading habits can result in big losses. Here are the 6 Most Expensive Trading Habits of New Traders: 1.Trading with no stop losses. You can’t control your profits, but you can control and limit your losses with a well-planned exit. When a trend turns against you and you start hoping instead of cutting your…

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Principles for Trading Success,best ways to exit a trade
7 Best Ways to Exit a Trade

We can make money in trading at the exit, not the entry. The art of exiting a trade is critical to a trader’s success in the markets. Profits can vanish if they are not taken at the right time, and small losses can balloon into large losses if they are not cut short. Small profits…

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